Hiking and Walking Trails

Around the lake there are several self-guided hiking trails at different levels, it is recommended to
wear comfortable shoes and bring water

More information:
Travelers recommend two popular routes: Tzununa to Jaibailito - a walking trail with a mild difficulty level, this is an amazing trail, about a two-hour walk, at the end of which you can enjoy the pool in Jaibalito, you have to come by boat to Tzununa and from there pick up the trail

Walking from San Marcos - a walking trail with a mild to medium difficulty level, with a length of approx 4 hours, arrive in San Marcos by boat, the trail begins by walking on a flat plain, then goes up
the mountain and continues along the ridge. There are spectacular views all along the route of the lake, the route is a bit difficult but the view is well worth it.


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