Pesach Guatemala Passover 2023

Celebrating together with Chabad of Pedro

For the 13th time, we are opening up the option to our guests for the Pesach 2023 in Guatemala. at LAKE ATITLAN.

We understand that nothing is lacking as far as information regard Lake Atitlan, the various attractions it has to offer and accommodations, as we at the Chabad House freely provide this information.

But the challenge we are looking to address is the food on Pesach, which as you know can leave something to be desired, that is what this year we are taking to a new level.

The team:

In addition to the regular local team, 2 professional chefs from the COCINARTE Group in Guatemala City will join us for the entire Passover holiday, with 3 sous chefs to complete the professional culinary team.

In this year's the emphasis is on abundant, delicious food, especially 3 meals a day and a special holiday atmosphere.
Again this year, בעזרת השם, we will bring a Professional cook from Israel to supervise and make sure everything functions in the most smooth manner.

We will be happy to see you with us.

Soon on the website here you will be able to see information about a number of attractions that we have compiled for you the information that will be available and convenient for you to plan the חול המועד

Soon on the website you will also be able to see information about several places to stay - hotels etc. that we have compiled for you the information that will be available and convenient for you to plan your stay

At the time of registration, you will receive a confirmation email

And about rosh chodesh adar , you will receive a detailed email with the menu and schedule.

for any Question please contact us at the WhatsApp +50249727770

In other words:

All holiday meals

We are organizing the meal hall and a team that will arrange the whole  the food throughout the entire pesach with a lot of investment.

The תפילות

And the whole atmosphere as well in the שול of Beit Chabad.


Here they are not expensive, so you can look at the list and plan yourself - everyone can do the attractions as they see fit and how they want to plan their time. (We are only making the options accessible and of course we will be happy to help with this)


We took 3 places that will be ours only and in addition there are many more places that can be searched on websites such as and Airbnb if you need help please contact us at the WhatsApp number